Why I write and share our story

Early in our mourning process I was full of anger, sadness and so many emotions it is hard to explain. In the first week after Berkley passed away I was searching for blogs that other mothers have written. These blogs gave me comfort and hope for our future.

When Berkley died I felt so vulnerable and felt like a victim. I felt like no one could understand what we were going through and didn’t know how to interact with us. That is when I thought maybe I can tell them. Maybe I can share my story and help another family after they lose their baby. I will keep my daughter’s memory alive and try to share how much her life impacted us. 

I am honest even if it’s too hard for some people to read because, it is my truth that I am sharing. The love, the happiness, the depression, the hope and the pain. They are real and they are mine.

Writing my blog is one of the ways I work through her death. It allows me to write it down and put it into the universe. Changing my secrets into an empowering quest to find myself again. 

I do not want my daughters death to feel like a secret that people are too afraid to bring up. You won’t remind us our daughter died because, we think about her everyday. Our days are much better and are full of happiness most days. If you want to talk about our daughter you will not ruin our day or bring up hard feelings because, she is never far in our minds. 

2 thoughts on “Why I write and share our story

  1. I pray you continue to write your story down. It’s it through our stories of pain, loss and hurt that people are connected….WE ALL MATTER AND ARE NOT ALONE. (something I believe God wants us to know even more so with current world events) Keep sharing you dont know who be touching through Berkeleys life story.

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  2. I absolutely love this. I think what you said is universal for anyone grieving. So often, (me included) people avoid talking about or bringing up the loss of their friend/family/acquaintance’s loved one because they don’t want to make them sad. However, like you said, it’s actually sometimes a breath of fresh air because the person lost isn’t far from the giever’s mind at all.
    Sometimes we need to cry unexpectedly. It’s part of healing!
    Love you Sammie! You are a brave, strong, compassionate mother to a beautiful baby that was taken from us too soon. You lost your child. Your baby died. Just because people aren’t talking about it, doesn’t make you magically forgot. You’ll never forget! The more you talk about Berkley to others, the better you will feel :).
    I always talk about jaiden still, to strangers even. Just Cuz he’s not here now, doesn’t mean he didn’t exist and doesn’t mean I somehow forgot out about him! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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