Mother’s day

Mother’s Day is a real bitch. Yep, I said it. It’s such a bittersweet holiday for me. 

Last year I boycotted every holiday and ignored all of them the best I could. They all hurt really bad. Last year I was grateful for the gifts from people in honor of Mother’s Day. Those ment so much to me and made the day feel better. Last year I was a mother but, my daughter was dead.

Life is still hard. Having Willow never replaced the hole that Berkley’s death left in our hearts. We knew it never could. It’s hard to think that we should have both daughters here with us. It still feels like we all got a raw deal. Our daughter’s life stolen from her and us. Our family will never feel whole. 

We try to live our life in honor of Berkley. Try to do the right thing, help others and hope we would make our daughters proud of us.

This year we welcomed our little rainbow Willow. She fills our days with happiness and we never take a second with her for granted. We love watching her grow and wonder who she will be when she grows up. She made me the sweetest Mother’s Day gift.  

I know we will have a good day together on Mother’s Day. It will be full of happiness but, my ache for my first daughter will still be there.

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