I needed today

Today we walked in memory for our daughter Berkley. We raised money for a local non profit that supports miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, infertility and adoption.

This year I am 22 weeks pregnant with our third daughter Violet. Our daughter Willow is a year and a half and Berkley would be turning three this October. We are so lucky to have Berkley’s little sisters here with us but, miss our oldest child every day.

It is so powerful to stand next to hundreds of families and friends that have lost one of their babies. There was a part of a song that stuck out to me today at the walk that feels so right. “People say I’m very strong but, I’m barely hanging on”. To me it’s truly amazing how many of these families have not only survived the unthinkable but, are choosing to stand together in honor of their baby.

This is also the third year walking and it just warms my heart to look around to see how many people we have in our lives that are still supporting us. Taking time to join us or donating in honor of Berkley.


Life has changed so much from the early days since she left us but, it is still so heavy in our lives. Thank you for today. Thank you for saying our daughters name. Thank you for allowing us to say her name. Thank you for standing by our sides. We just love everyone in our lives.

To all the families that walk in this journey with us, Thank you. Thank you for showing me how strong and beautiful you all are. I’m honored to stand by your side.

Thank you Blaine Festival for you very generous donation to our team!

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